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Ephraim Lohrey

Shane Ring

Ephraim is a family man, with a wife and 4 children, who has been fishing on the ocean through his entire life.  After getting his Captain license in 2011, he left the comfort and safety of the corporate world behind to pursue his lifelong dream of a career to be an Alaskan charter fisherman. He very quickly climbed the ranks and worked as the lead Captain for Highliner Lodge for six seasons! While there he mastered the fishing grounds and techniques, consistently proving himself to be one of the most effective fishermen on the water. With his end goal of owning his own lodge one day, he learned and got involved in every facet of the business until he felt comfortable striking out on his own.  Apex Lodge and Charters is his brain child, and he seeks to improve where others have faltered. If you have the opportunity to fish and become friends with him, you will find his professionalism, fun loving attitude, and fishing prowess unrivaled. He is the Apex Predator on the water.

Shane has been fishing in the area around Yakobi Island, for his entire fishing career.  2019 will be his 10th season, and can confidently say that no one will work harder to get you on fish.  Though he has made Pelican his home, he does a lot of traveling during the off season.  Usually going places that involve fishing or hunting.  The Bounty is the boat that he runs, the vessel getting its name from the nickname that many guests have lovingly given him.  Captain Bligh.  

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